Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bridgin' the Gap

Today was just another low key day. I've been working on sanding/ smoothing some ice cream parlor chairs that my parents gave me. Once the chairs are sanded down I'm going to paint them (bubblegum pink or lavender... I'm not sure yet) and bring one up to my door room in the fall. I think I also want to get a dress form for my room, so that I can plan out my outfit the night before and put it on the form. I love dorm room decorating! It's definitely one of my favorite parts of college life.
Anyway, here is the outfit I wore today. I wish I had worn it around more, instead of just to the car repair shop to pick up my dad (one of our cars needed inspecting). The belt and leggings are from my recent shopping trip!

Photo 146

Photo 150

Photo 157

Photo 164

What I wore:
Yellow Faux Crocodile Headband- Nordstrom
Pink Tee- Gap
Navy Ruffle Tank- Gap
Pearl/Seed Bead Necklace- DIY
Belt- Anthropologie
Cuffed Shorts- Gap
Leggings- Bobi


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