Friday, June 11, 2010

You Never Give Me Your Money.

 I'm going SHOPPING tomorrow (not in front of my computer in my dorm room, or in my computer room at my house) but at an actual mall! Hip, hip, hooray (dance of joy)! Here's what's on my shopping list:

1) Knee High socks. <--- Gotta love them. Plus, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to wear tights.

2) Tights. My last pair ripped, so I distressed them. That way I could still wear them until I got a new pair (or two... or three).

3) A new belt. I wear my concho belt WAY too much. I need another go to belt. I need belts in general, since I wear them everyday.

4) A new sundress. I could not possibly have enough sundresses. Plus, wearing a sundress means no belts, and best of all, no pants (that would inevitably fall down even with a belt)!


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