Thursday, July 15, 2010

You can't set your hat down just anywhere.

  I'm so ecstatic! I went shopping with my mom (we hit the L.L. Bean store, which surprisingly had a bunch of cute AND comfy clothes, and Lord and Taylor). Shopping is great and always makes me happy. However, the reason I'm SO happy is because I found not 1 but 2 hats that actually fit my head. I have been searching for a cute hat for YEARS , since my hair is so thick and poofy and nothing seemed to fit me. When I found two hats that fit that were cute I had to get them both. That, ladies and gentlemen is because Lord and Taylor was having their big summer sale. I haven't paid full price for anything, at least not without a gift card, in a long time.

What I wore:
Fedora- John Callanan Legacy (Lord and Taylor)
Striped Shirt- GAP (old)
Cargo Pants- Aero (old)
Purse- Diesel (Urban Outfitters)
Coral Ring- Vintage
Smoky Quartz Ring- David Yurman
Pinky Ring- Vintage

Photo 143

Photo 142

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