Sunday, August 1, 2010

I got you on my (shopping) list

must haves

  It's hard for me to think about, but I will be headed back to college in just a few short weeks. I LOVE my school and my friends, but I'm not quite ready to resume my crazy amounts of school work. The best part about going back to school (besides renewing my sense of independence and seeing all my friends) is back to school shopping (OF COURSE)! I have a bigger dorm this year (no more closet/dorm room), so I will probably be picking up a few new trinkets to make my room as awesome as possible. I also have a wish list of clothes and accessories that I would like to add to my room. I can't possibly get them all *SIGH*, but here's what I've been thinking about getting for a while:

1) Rucksack- LL Bean
2) Aztec Ring- All Saints Spitalfields
3) Turquoise Ring- Urban Outfitters
4) Arrowhead ring- Moonshine Hill
5) Bow Tunic Tee- Delia's
6) Rose Ring- Fredflare
7) Spectator Keds- Bloomingdale's
8) Floral Headband- Dorothy Perkins
9) Wooden Bangles- Eco Conscious Market
10) Peacoat Brass Ring- Moxsie
11) Vintage Emmanuelle Khahn Sunglasses
12) Gold Bobby Pins- Juicy Couture


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