Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Left My Heart In San Francisco.

 Today marks the end of the line on my Tauck "Majestic California" tour. This means I will spend many hours in the airport en route to my home on the East Coast. Home never felt so far away. Despite the less than enjoyable air travel, I've had a great time on this trip and have seen a sizable amount of California. Here are a few more shots from my travels this week:

Lombard Street, "the crookedest street in the world". The speed limit is 5 MPH.

  Yours truly inside a giant sequoia tree in Mariposa Grove. This tree was over 200 feet tall and so wide that it would take at least ten people to wrap all the way around it. giant sequoias are truly unique trees. They can live to be 3000 years old and can survive fires. The reason giant sequoias can live through a fire is because the wood in the center of the tree, "the heartwood," is not necessary for a giant sequoia's survival. A giant sequoia can live through being hollowed out by a fire, so long as the bark remains in tact. Most sequoias die from toppling over.

What I wore:
White Cardigan- Target
Floral Tank- Romeo and Juliet Couture (TJ Maxx's)
Bow Headband- DIY
Purple Cargo Walking Shorts -Old Navy
Geode Necklace- California Academy of Science Gift Shop
Leaf Necklace- Painted Bird
Sneakers- Mizuno

A view of the San Francisco fog and Golden Gate Bridge.


"The shoe garden" at the park near "Postcard Row".


Check me out now (check me out baby)