Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So sentimental, not sentimental no

  I haven't been very productive lately, unless embracing my slightly narcissistic tendencies (by using photo booth) counts as being productive. I suppose a little bit of narcissism added to a dash of boredom have helped this little blog go a long way.
 This is the longest I have kept up with any of my pieces of writing (with the exception of a book that I've been writing for a few years). My bookshelves are strewn with the beginnings of journals and diaries that never took off. Most of them have the first five pages filled and then... nothing. I also have one electronic journal/ Word Document that is all of two typed pages. I really wish I had kept up with those journals so that in a few years I could look back and laugh at myself. Oh well, maybe in a few years I will be looking back at this blog. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

What I wore:
Cashmere beret- Lord and Taylor
Long sleeve tee- Woolrich
Magnifying glass- Mackenzie Childs
iInfinity scarf (hanging from headboard)- Calypso St. Barth


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