Saturday, September 25, 2010

I can dream of things you'll never see.

(Blossom Jacket, American Eagle Pants, DIY tie dye socks)

  I picked these two items up today at the ABC clothing sale. I love college tag sales. All of the items are really cheap, and it's no trouble at all to find great things. The red polka dotted jacket was $5 and the purple pants were $4. I could have found much more, but I don't really need anything else right now. 
  I'm the most happy with the pair of purple pants. I was really lucky (since I didn't try them on). They fit really nicely and are soft and stretchy. I don't think the quality of clothing is as good as it used to be, especially at places like American Eagle. I'm pretty certain their pants are not as nice as the pair I just bought. I could tell the pants were an old pair from AE because the logo doesn't even have an eagle on it.
  Overall, today was great. I went to the local coffee house with my roommate and got a lemon square (my favorite dessert [or in this case breakfast] ever) and a nice cup of hot chocolate. I also went grocery shopping and got cookie dough ice cream, among other things. Life is good, very good.


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