Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm here to be your only go between...






  This is what happens when you're both a college student and stuck on campus before everyone is back for the semester. Basically, boredom= photo shoots. This outfit marks the first day in almost a week that I could wear something other than a skirt and plain white tee. It's nice to be able to choose anything out of my closet and be able to wear it instead of my outfits being dictated by the incredibly hot weather.

  In case you're wondering, yes, that IS a purple cow in the background of several of the pictures. His name is Clarence. We're buds.

What I wore: 
Blue Cardigan- J. Crew
Giraffe Print Skinny Headband- J. Crew
Black Lace Dress- Vintage
Leaf Necklace- Painted Bird Vintage
Leggings- Bobi
Elephant Socks- J. Crew
Boat Shoes- Sperry Top Sider
Watch- Swiss Army


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