Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Strange Times




        Today is a little bit of a weird day. First of all, there is a guy on a cherry picker outside my window. The college warned students not to be alarmed if they saw a facilities worker hanging outside their windows. Apparently, facilities is trimming all the ivy around campus. I'm not sure why facilities felt the need to trim the ivy outside my window twice in a span of only 48 hours, but maybe they are perfectionists? Anyway, despite what the college tells us, I think I will probably always be a little shocked when I see a random person hanging outside my window, especially when they are staring right at me.
      In other news, today is the last day before classes start, which means my posts will probably become a bit more sporadic in the near future. I'm excited to have work to do (NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD PUT THOSE WORDS IN THE SAME SENTENCE). I've been here so long that I desperately need something to occupy my time, even if it is school work.

What I wore:
SKinny Headband- J. Crew
Black Tank- GAP
Geode Necklace- California Academy of Sciences Gift Shop
Beveled Circle Necklace- Gift
Striped Belt- Anthropologie
Cargo Capris- Aeropostale
Watch- Swiss Army
Peace Sign Moccasins- Minnetonka


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