Monday, September 13, 2010

Tattoo your name across my heart.




          Since today is Monday, I wanted the most comfortable outfit possible to get me through the day. Usually, I exhibit a lot of disdain towards people who wear leggings as pants, but I was in a hurry and totally against wearing normal pants this morning, so I set aside my disdain. I think I will continue to set those feelings aside because I absolutely adore these *almost* pants.

What I wore:
Beaded Headband- Vintage
Courage Earrings- Me & Ro
Plaid Shirt- Delia*s
Black Long Sleeve Shirt- J. Crew
Geode Necklace- California Academy of Sciences Gift Shop
Patchwork Denim Leggings- GAP
Starfish Socks- J.Crew
Sneakers- Keds


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