Friday, September 10, 2010

Time came a creeping. Oh, and time's a loaded gun.





        I just received this headband in the mail and felt that I needed to do it justice by wearing it. I have a feeling that I will be wearing this headband quite often. There are multiple reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  1. It's awesome. 
  2. The color scheme goes with everything.
  3. Surprisingly, this headband is not all that heavy. Plus, since I tie it on, there's none of that annoying head pinching. I appreciate that lack of head pinching. SCORE!
What I wore:
Beaded Headband- VIntage 
Mr. Rogers Eco Cardigan- Alternative Apparel [This cardigan happens to be my favorite thing EVER. You will surely see it a lot during the fall].
Purple T-shirt- Old Navy [My first purchase from Old Navy is quite a long time. I was very impressed by this shirt AND it's clearance sale price].
Skinny Jeans- GAP 1969
Two Tone Leather Boots- Seychelles 


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