Saturday, October 30, 2010

To give me all your love is all I ever asked...

happy halloween!
(John Callnan fedora, Blues Brothers glasses + DIY duct tape, Calypso Celle infinity scarf, Alternative Apparel cardigan, Tommy HIlfiger floral pillow)

     I've come to the conclusion that I NEED to stop wearing this hat, or buy another fedora, or both (personally I like the latter). My fedora wearing propensity is kind of a sickness. 
     In other news, I'm suffering from an actual sickness a.k.a. the common cold (it's all too common if you ask me), so I apologize for the lack of legitimate blog posts. I will go back to posting legitimate outfit commentary as soon as Halloween is over and my job applications are done. I don't remember having to apply for summer jobs this early. Damn recession.
  Speaking of Halloween, these nerdy glasses (that I made even nerdier) are part of my costume. I may have some creative outlets (like coloring in my Indie Rock coloring book and this blog OF COURSE), but choosing/designing Halloween costumes is NOT one of them. Last year I was a black cat, and the year before that I was Jimi Hendrix (this was a TOTAL accident... I was really just a hippie and happened to look like Jimi). 
      I really don't have that much motivation to create an awesome costume. College trick o' treating (for alcohol) is just not equitable to normal trick o' treating (for chocolate/ candy). I'm a chocoholic so OBVIOUSLY I would go for the latter Trick o' Treating option rather than the former. The candy option is mess free and tastier. The decision between super sized candy bars and Keystone Light is not a hard one at all. Now if only it were socially acceptable to trick o' treat as an adult.


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