Monday, November 1, 2010

But until they close the curtain...




(Vintage lace dress, GAP black tank, DIY blue jay feather headband, Target white lace skirt, Falke sweater knee high socks, Seychelles leather boots, Swiss Army watch)

  This post is just a brief interlude in between my much needed studying. My brain really just needs a little break. In other news, I've been listening to "Grenade" by Bruno Mars and "Aquemini" by OutKast on repeat for the past few days. I'm not usually a big Bruno Mars fan, but this song is actually quite good and the harmonies are really nice. I do like the Lisa Lavie version better (check it out on youtube, but overall Bruno Mars' "Grenade" is very good. It's much better than the other music that's out and about right now *cough cough* "We R Who We R" *cough cough*.  
  I don't know why I hadn't discovered the song "Aquemini" earlier (since OutKast IS my favorite musical duo EVER), but I can honestly say that I was not a legitimate fan of OutKast until that moment. Well, that moment, and the moment I discovered OutKast's "BOB". Andre I love you. You are a genius. Sir Luscious Left Foot, I love you too.


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