Saturday, November 13, 2010

Do you really want to live forever?

    I apologize for the amount of time between posts. This week I was inundated with school work. I had a paper due this week as well as a 20 question organic chemistry problem set due this week. Also, I have a bio exam as well as an organic chemistry exam next week, so I've been studying for those, I have a lab results to verify and use to make derivatives, a bio lab report, and a sociology presentation on animal rights to plan. AAAAND I have dance practice twice a week. I'm in a Bhangara dance group at school, which I love. It's so fun! Being in a dance group is a great way to relieve stress. Jumping around and stomping my feet always seems to do that. Basically, I'm a busy woman, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Onward and upward to the clothing aspect of the blog! I don't have an outfit to post today, as dance pants and moisture wicking tees are not too exciting. However, Christmas presents to myself are exciting (for me and for you too)! 

Present #1) Dani Stahl Leggings (via LnA clothing)


  I've fully embraced wearing leggings as pants. These leggings are possibly the coolest pants I have ever seen. I am a bit rock n' roll at heart (and hopefully not just a groupie) so getting these made my day. Getting them on sale ALSO made my day.

Present # 2) Suedette Shearling Jacket (via Forever 21)


  Excluding a floral mini (very mini) skirt I got bought years ago, this is my first Forever 21 purchase. I have always had mixed feelings about Forever 21. I am not opposed to buying things cheaply, but I usually buy things on sale at Lord & Taylor, GAP, and J. Crew, or I find a vintage version on Etsy. I feel like something that I buy on sale at Lord and Taylor for $20 will last longer than anything I pay $20 for at Forever 21. I really like my clothes to last a long time. Granted, I have a TON of clothes, but I've had several of my pieces for at least 4 years because they were made so well. Also, I don't really like how Forever 21 makes carbon copies of things off the runway, instead of just being inspired by the runway. This jacket is basically my test run for Forever 21. If things go well, maybe I'll buy something else from Forever 21 in the future.


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