Monday, November 22, 2010

I think the world of you...





(DIY black bow headband, Land's End yellow cashmere sweater, California Academy of Sciences geode necklace, Abercrombie vest, Target lace skirt, LA Made leggings, Falke leg warmers, Vintage Boots)

  I'm going home for Thanksgiving Break tomorrow! I finally get to sleep in my own bed, raid a fully stocked refrigerator, see my family, have bare feet in the shower (and not get scabies), do laundry for free (or if I'm lucky maybe have my momma do it), and eat lots of turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Oh Happy Day! My parents will have to roll me into the car and back to college. 
  I already warned my parents that I will be emptying out the refrigerator at least once. I also submitted a menu of foods I would like to have when I'm home. Of course, I will do this dishes and go grocery shopping in exchange. I will also help with the Thanksgiving meal. No one will have to ask me twice to cook in a kitchen that isn't covered in Easy Mac, Ice Cream,  Ramen Noodle seasoning, and other UFOs (Unidentified Food Objects), or to go to Wegman's. Stop N' Shop just does not compare to Wegman's in any way. 
  On to the outfit. I got these Falke leggings for free (due to an Asos shipping mix up). They got lost in the mail, so I got my money back. Then the leggings ceased to be lost in the mail (after I had already gotten my money back). YAY! The LA Made leggings are also new. They are most certainly the most comfortable leggings I own. Plus, they're stretchy enough to fit long underwear underneath when it's cold. Perfecto! 


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