Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cruising down the freeway.

  Hello again readers,
   I've just finished another week in Portland, ME. I survived one strange cold, one snow day, one bout of food poisoning, and a few crazy kids. I also "survived" my first lobster roll. It was quite yummy.
  I spent yesterday traipsing around Portland with the other students from my travel class and checked out a few lighthouses. I also got a bit of snow in my Bean Boots. I looked like a true Mainer, since the mecca of all L.L. Bean stores is in Freeport Maine. I've also been informed that the store is open 24/7. Indoor Camping Trip? There will be pictures posted of my adventures soon.
  Anyway, during my bout of food poisoning, the second day, since the first is the worst (LITERALLY), I took advantage of a few super winter sales. Barney's I love you. I managed to find two Jennifer Ouellette headbands, regularly $55 and $80 respectively (and waaaaay out of my price range for headbands), for $9 and $19. Usually I just make my own headbands, but I made an exception and snatched these babies up. Here they are in all their glory:

O happy day,


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