Monday, January 31, 2011

When I find my peace of mind...

1-31-11 (2)
1-31-11 (3)
(Jennifer Ouellette leather puzzle piece headband, Forever 21 dreamcatcher necklace, Gap sweater, LnA super zipper leggings)

Dear Readers,
Yet another snow storm has derailed my travel plans. I will be staying in town for two more days before heading off to the Berkshires for school. This is my fifth snow storm in a month. If it weren't for cross country skiing, my family, and hot chocolate, (and this stupid snowstorm), I'd be off to West Palm Beach rather than typing this. I guess the closest I'll be getting to sand and sun this winter is my Miniature  Zen Beach Garden. Alas.
Tis the season to be freezin',


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