Monday, February 28, 2011

Black and Blue

Victoria s Secret polka dot cocktail dress
$80 -

Wildfox Couture vintage top
$85 -

A P C heart tee
$75 -

Dorothy Perkins velvet jacket
45 GBP -

Aubin Wills elastic waist skirt
49 GBP -

Mea Shadow studded booty
$108 -

Steve Madden suede heel
$100 -

Messenger bag
$50 -

Amrita Singh beading bracelet
$100 -

$100 -

Betsey Johnson retro earring
$25 -

J.Crew - Search
$9.99 -

I've definitely got the blues, so I figured I would do a blue-sy related post. What I wouldn't give for all of these things in my closet, except the heels, since I would have no clue how to walk in them.
Til' next time,

P.S. Be sure to check out the Miike Snow song "Black and Blue", It (and more specifically Miike Snow in general) is awesome!


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