Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Got central heating. And I'm all right.

2-8-11 (2)

(Jennifer Ouellette bejeweled headband, Forever 21 pendant, Delia*s plaid shirt, Ann Taylor skirt, Falke leg warmers, Bean Boots)

Dear Readers,
It's back to the (winter) grind, which = blowing snow and general blustery weather. Winter can be beautiful, just not when it's stabbing you in the eyes with bitty pieces of snow, but I digress. Winter gets a bad rap, especially from yours truly. Winter should be lauded, simply because winter gives you the excuse to wear cute leg warmers, chunky knit sweaters, hats with pom poms, fuzzy scarves, AND best of all, winter gives you the excuse to curl up in front of a fire and drink hot cocoa (with whipped cream of  course) with friends and have fireside chats. 
Pass the mini marshmallows,


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