Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank God it's (almost) Friday night....

2-23-11 (4)


2-23-11 (3)

2-23-11 (2)
(Vintage hat [courtesy of my grandma's sick nasty knitting skills], Vintage cropped leather biker jacket [batwings are my fave], GAP sweater, GAP black and blue leggings, Falke leg warmers, Bean Boots)

This has seriously been the week from hell. Everything in my life that could produce stress has. I am going to do a lot of sleeping this weekend (because I haven't gotten much sleep all week) and stuff my stomach full of Ben and Jerry's. Chocolate chip cookie dough bliss, here I come! Huzzah!

PS. I may be attending a stoplight party tomorrow. If you're single you wear green, if you're relationship is complicated you wear yellow, and if you're in a relationship you wear red. Now I just need to find something cute and green. Hmmmm....


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