Friday, February 4, 2011

You really should look for an exit...


2-4-11 (2)

2-4-11 (3)
(Walmart floral department flower, Alternative Apparel Mr. Rodgers cardigan, GAP sweater [underneath], Forever 21 pendant, Anthropologie skirt, Falke leg warmers)

Dear readers,
I'm back to the daily grind that is college. I had one class today, Shakespeare on the Edge. It looks like a REALLY great class and unbeknownst to me one of my best friends is in it. WHOO! Plus, this class typically meets on Monday and Wednesday, which means I have no classes on Friday. Yipee! 

On to the clothing. This skirt and GAP sweater were acquired during a super sale at the mall. I've come to resent mall shopping because so many pieces of clothing look the same, AAAAND I hate when stores forget to take the security tags off clothing.

 I am becoming more and more of a vintage junkie everyday. I love that when you buy a vintage item that item has a backstory and will most likely be unique. I did find a duplicate of my vintage Lilly Pullitzer strawberry sundress, but finding doubles of a vintage item is a lot more rare than finding doubles of a mall item. My gripes with malls aside, I found some great pieces at awesome prices last shopping trip. Maybe I should give the mall a *little* more credit.

Not really shoppin' til' I drop,


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