Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In a flash like that, recognize I'm back!

5-31-11 (2)
(Vintage Perry Ellis scarf, Hurley tank)

  Hello there readers! I am officially a Bahama Momma (as I was pleasantly/not so pleasantly reminded on a daily basis by some beach hecklers). I have never been offered so many Booze Cruises/Jet Ski Rides/ Parasail Rides/ Banana Boat Rides/ Bungee Jumping Excursions/Snorkling Excursions in my entire life. I have also never been this tan (please pay no mind to my OBNOXIOUS tan lines).

Things I learned in the Bahamas:
1) I AM a Bahama Momma (of course)!
2) Wear yo sunscreen. It eeez yo fran. (REPEAT/REAPPLY)
3) Any drink ordered will contain rum, more rum, more rum, other alcoholic ingredients, and a splash of mixers. My rum and coke was rum with a splash of coke. You will never have to ask, "but why is the rum gone?" EVER.
4) How to ignore pickup lines. 
HALL O' FAMER: "Keep reading your book. I'm in the next chapter." 

I had a FABULOUS time, but I am so happy to be home.


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