Friday, July 1, 2011

Me and you, you and me, let's go back to 1983.

  Hey, hey, hey. I made a trip to the grocery store with my mom today. I even managed to find Pocky (Poe-key; a Japanese treat that tastes pretty much like chocolate covered pretzels... that aren't salty) and Ramune (Rah-moon-nay; a Japanese soda... tastes sort of like a fruity cousin of Sprite mixed with a splash of Sangria). Basically, I was a happy camper. I love trying out all the things in the International aisle. It's kind of like an adventure sans annoying TSA rules, baggage claims, and scenic views (unfortunately).
  Speaking of adventures, I rediscovered this Hard Rock hat today. I forgot that I bought it for my dad as a souvenir from my People to People trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, a few years back. I think I will be "borrowing" this hat for a while.


7-1-11 (4)

7-1-11 (3)

7-1-11 (2)


(Hard Rock Cafe, Sydney, Australia hat, Insight t-shirt, GAP black tank, GAP shorts, DIY black bow headband)


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